24 Hours of Annual Report Awesomeness!

24 Hours of Annual Report Awesomeness!

Calgary’s Distress Centre is awesome.  Both as a client, and as an organization.  They are lifesavers, quite literally. The Distress Centre offers support to individuals in crisis over phone, text and online chat, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They exist to ensure that compassionate, accessible crisis support is available to everyone, any time they need it. And this is the story we wanted to tell.

For their 2014 annual report, we created the first 24-hour video annual report. To do this, we used unedited surveillance footage from the Distress Centre’s call centre, and spliced in content every hour, on the hour to highlight the year’s key achievements.

Distress Centre - Annual Report 2014 2015-06-17 09-27-38           Distress Centre - Annual Report 2014 2015-06-17 09-28-40

As an agency, these projects are why we come to work every day, and stay a bit late every night. We were given creative freedom to push the boundaries of a traditional annual report, making for a unique and engaging way to tell their story.  Without the trust between our team and the Distress Centre, this project never would have seen the light of day.

Nearly every employee in our Calgary office touched the project at one point or another. The creation of twenty-four separate short videos in a small window of time meant that anyone might get asked to help with a shoot. We rearranged meeting rooms, shot video at each other’s apartments, called in favours, made countless Ikea runs, and even took a picture every minute for twenty-four hours to put together a final time-lapse. When we finished shooting video, we called on two of our favourite partners, Studio Dialog and Six Degrees, the former to help us edit the videos, and the latter to make the whole thing sound amazing. We were blown away by their work. The videos went through multiple stages of production, and the team took full advantage of every whiteboard and group meeting room to ensure nothing fell through the cracks.

Twenty-four hours worth of content is ambitious, but we never lost sight of the vision. The final product takes the viewer inside the walls of the Distress Centre, allowing them to see what a full day is really like. After spending twenty-four hours with one of the community’s most important organizations, we hope that those in need reach out to the Distress Centre, and that we all help support the Distress Centre’s vision: to ensure that everyone is heard. Watch Distress Centre’s 2014 Annual Report for yourself!

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