Hey people doing good things, we want to help.

Hey people doing good things, we want to help.

ZGM was at the Emerald Awards on Thursday, June 4. No, it wasn’t because we were a finalist. Yes, it was kinda’ because they’re a client of ours. But we were also curious to see the inspiring environmental things Albertans are up to.

Our expectation on attending was that we would see some incredibly genius science-based solutions that were way over our heads and left us feeling like worthless corporate citizens who watch YouTube and play foosball all day. But what we saw made us feel the opposite.

There were a lot of common sense solutions with a smart twist (see DIG and Verge Permaculture). Or very doable ideas like Living by Water that just require passionate people and time. Or even ideas by students such as Green Commuting Hubs. Or ideas being implemented by students like Yellow Fish Road.

And just about all of them were made possible by generous like-minded sponsors and partners. The thing is, there were no marketing partners coming to the table to help spread these ideas. This made us feel that we could be worthwhile citizens who could help share these ideas (in between foosball matches).

That’s the point of this blog post: we want to help more people like the Emerald Awards Foundation—and the finalists and winners of the Emerald Awards—with spreading and sharing their great ideas.

Along with the Emerald Foundation, we’re currently working with a few green-minded partners. We’re helping the City of Edmonton with a full range of marketing needs for the Blatchford community. We’re working on a campaign with the Nature Conservancy of Canada to conserve Bunchberry Meadows just outside Edmonton plus we created a digital annual report for them that doubled as a marketing tool. We’re also doing some package design and a branding strategy for a new type of organic, locally grown, quick cooking barley. We’re even seeing what we can do to help the Edmonton Freezeway project.

We’re sure we’re not the only marketing agency who wants to use its skills to help spread ideas that can lead to a better, cleaner world. But we are the only ones who wrote this blog post about it. For help in Edmonton, email kurt.beaudoin@zgm.ca or call 780 428 0411. In Calgary, email rob.fairhead@zgm.ca or call 403 770 2269.

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