ZGM Paints the Town (Blood) Red

ZGM Paints the Town (Blood) Red

The Date: March 21st, 2015

The Place: Shaw Conference Centre

The Event: 36th Annual ACE Awards

This year’s ACE Award theme was Only The Best Survive: Cull The Herd – and that they did. The ACE judges eliminated almost half of the awards right out of the gate. A little tactic by ACE to increase the fear factor already inspired by the horror themed event.

The competition was stiff, and the drinks were stiffer. This year ZGM took home an Award of Distinction for the Alberta Emerald Foundation website. We are so proud of this website and the message that it helps send, encouraging environmental excellence in Alberta!

While winning is great. Like, totally great. We were mostly excited to see and celebrate the work put out in our community this year, as well as show what we’ve been working on. All the creativity in the air was electric and we were inspired by our competition.

Our work is always team built and team celebrated! We had team members from both Edmonton & Calgary offices in attendance – which is always great for us and potentially grating for those seated around us—we’re loud, we’re proud, and we take a damn good selfie.

Along with our Award of Distinction we also took home the (self-appointed) award for Most Likely to Be Seen on the Dance Floor as well as Best at Hogging the Photobooth. But we’ll let you be the judge of that.

ACE Awards ZGM Photobooth

ACE Awards ZGM Photobooth

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