Economic downturn? Put the power of evidence-based creativity to work

Economic downturn? Put the power of evidence-based creativity to work

ZGM presented to the Canadian Public Relations Society in Edmonton about how to make marketing really work and how to go beyond brainstorming. Here are some thoughts from that presentation:

In a down economy, everyone asks ‘where’s the ROI?’ and ‘Do we really need to spend on marketing?’ Peter and Michael’s talk to CPRS at the Westin in Edmonton, dubbed ‘The Math Behind the Art, reveals tools and methods you can put into practice today to come out ahead of your competitors in a down economy and scale creativity exponentially within your own organization.

“The inclination in a recession or a dip is to pull back,” says Michael Donovan, Managing Director ZGM Edmonton. “That’s natural. And good for those who want strong leverage against their competitors. While they play defense in the dark, we play offence with all the lights on, building and deploying evidence-based programs that helps our client operate at a more informed and competitive level. Better customer analytics, a more informed view on perceptions around your brand or customer personas or buying behavior are just a few of the ways we help customers make gains. To paraphrase Berkshire Hathaway, ‘bad times provide great opportunities.”

“Technology has a place in ideation”, says Peter Bishop, Partner and Creative Director, ZGM Calgary.  “But it can never replace an actual conversation. There is no substitute for brains and hands, but there are some great tools for capturing ideas and testing them on the other side. They can also be key in defining our challenges and who we are speaking to. By using some of the emerging listening tools, clients can get an edge on their business by uncovering behaviors that used to be hidden from them. “

The two introduced the concept of brainwriting as a supplement to traditional brainstorming. “Traditional brainstorming doesn’t always get the best results,’” says Donovan. “The loudest extroverts or the leaders can dominate while some others say nothing at all. To fix this, we are evaluating exciting new tools to help create honest, unscripted idea generation. The more voices the better for the project and also for internal culture. It’s a great tool for internal team building.”

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