We’re up for Calgary Small Business of the Year!!

We’re up for Calgary Small Business of the Year!!

And it’s kind of a big deal. We’re a little bit excited.

Here at ZGM, we’re not really strangers to awards. We win them. We drink lots of beer and celebrate our industry peers winning them. We even give each other a lot of them, for running races, biking long distances, suffering through tough projects, and being the n00b around the office.

But we’ve never been up for an award so broad. We’re up against businesses in industries that range from food service and health to IT and environmental engineering. It’s humbling to be in such esteemed company.

If we could win the award based on our foosball skills, our stair-running ability, or the number of cool posters on our walls, we would have it in the bag. However, democracy is the tool that the Calgary Chamber has chosen for decision-making.

If you love the work we do, the hip folks we employ, the incredible organizations that we’re proud to call our clients, or just the way we smell (like sandalwood and Shea butter) we’d be honoured if you’d vote for us. We’d continue to be a little bit excited. And we’d think you’re kind of a big deal.


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