This is How we roll – Back to back Fondo’s

This is How we roll – Back to back Fondo’s


The ZGM Bike team kicked off the 2014 cycling season in style. Representing at two Alberta Gran Fondo events in back to back weekends. A small team of two took on the 140K challenge at Gran Fondo Badlands. While one week later the entire bike team got kitted out in some amazing ZGM branded gear; put air in their tires, and let the rubber hit the road, for an 88K ride at the Canmore Gran Fondo.

Canmore was a solid event, with amazing weather, hovering in the low 20’s, and even more amazing ZGM riders. We truly rode as a team for this event. When we were faced with head winds, we would draft, off each other, take turns leading, and navigated the race course with great precision. We maintained great form and never once showed any signs of fatigue…. At least that’s how we remember it. Peter Bishop taped the whole thing with his go pro cam, so at this point we are hoping that story holds true.

ZGM values of teamwork, and collaboration shined through at both the Canmore and Drumheller events. When a team mate was in need, of be it hydration, nutrition, or mechanical assistance, we were quick to help out; and at times, didn’t even mind getting a little dirty.

Changing Tire

These rides not only provided us with a chance to test our physical and mental endurance, but also offered the opportunity to share some laughs, smiles, high fives, advil, and a nice little recovery dip in the river.


After a solid ride in Canmore, in true ZGM fashion, we hit up the post race wrap up, and had a couple beers. With two successful and entertaining events completed, I think its safe to say that ZGM puts the FUN in Fondo … well FUNDO!photoPhoto 2014-07-05, 12 25 05 PM

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