ZGM Runs on Runways, Highways…and Lots of Advil

ZGM Runs on Runways, Highways…and Lots of Advil

It’s not spring at ZGM; it’s race season. It’s the time of year when we dust off our running shoes and become quirky, competitive freaks. We ask each other questions in running vernacular – what’s your split time? Do you gel? What compression socks do you wear? Was that your PB? It’s a language only our running team understands. In fact, nobody really understands our running team. Our coworkers fail to recognize the appeal in volunteering to participate in gruelling races that challenge us mentally, physically, and sadly, emotionally.

This past month, we were fortunate enough to secure a small number of the 1,400 spots in YYC’s Runway opening event. Our team was able to run on Canada’s longest runway – something we will likely never get to experience again. However, this was only the warm-up stretch to what we would endure the following Saturday.

YYC Run2 YYC-stretch

It was the annual K100 race, in which ZGM placed in the top tier in our category. Our 10-person team battled hills, creeks, mud, cars and that little voice in our head in order to complete the 100-mile relay race held in Kananaskis. We trained for months, woke up early on weekends and mildly cut back on our drinking. It was no easy feat, but one agency had to do it (seriously, we were the only agency who did it).


Our team arrived donned head-to-toe in our branded swag, and made our presence known. If you couldn’t spot our bright colours from a distance, you could sure as hell hear us. Our cowbells and cheers gave our team an extra spring in our step as we raced towards the finish line. And for some of us, beer was the best motivator.

VanPeter drink ya

Running shoes: $200
GPS watch: $300
Entry fee: $800
Blisters, cramps, dead toenails,muscle spasms and ultimate victory: priceless.


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