2014 Digital Cleanse

2014 Digital Cleanse

There’s nothing like starting the year fresh. Here are some ways you can do that without ever touching the duster.

Clean off your desktop

This is equivalent to having a messy desk, as you stare at it all day. Create folders and archive what is on your desktop. Find a system that works for you for folder organization – use sub-folders, organize by year and keep the naming system simple. You shouldn’t have 60 different folders – depth is a good thing!

Clean up your social media accounts.

Sometimes it can be difficult managing all of our online profiles, but make it a priority to keep your information relevant. You should also be updating your work history on LinkedIn and online biographies. On Twitter, stay organized and more efficient with your time by creating lists. This way, you can browse specific groups of people, related topics, etc., without having to scroll through your home feed. You can create lists that are private to others, and even include people in your lists that you don’t follow.

Be sure to devote some time to updating all online profile pictures, security settings, etc.

Tidy up your inbox.

Merlin Mann was onto something when he coined ‘Inbox Zero.’ We are all overloaded and overwhelmed with all the emails we receive on a daily basis, and many of us don’t delete ANY of our emails. When we don’t have time to respond or archive emails as we receive them, we end up wasting time and productivity by revisiting at a later time, or spending time searching for them.

So, start today – when you receive an email, according to Mann, you do one of five things:

  • Delete (or archive)
  • Delegate
  • Respond
  • Defer
  • Do

Implementing this will allow you to see all your emails on one screen, stay organized and increase productivity.

Shed some of that dead weight by unsubscribing from unnecessary emails.

Back-up devices.

 You should be backing up your computer, phone and other devices regularly. External hard drives are cheap and dummy-proof (for the most part). This will also allow you to keep files off your computer that no longer serve a purpose there.

Dropbox is a great tool that allows you to store duplicate files in the ‘cloud.’ You can download the app on your devices and access all your saved files from any location.

Have any other tips to stay organized? Comment below!

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