2013 ZGM Movember Awards

2013 ZGM Movember Awards

November seems to be the longest month of the year at ZGM. It’s when our normally clean-shaven, professional coworkers don their best ‘stache to raise money for Prostate Cancer research – what we all know as Movember. Who left the fridge open? Why didn’t you pick up the kids? “It was the moustache!” Sadly, these comments were not uncommon around the office. These men blamed their ‘stache’s for anything and everything.

Their facial hair has given these men an alter ego none of us ladies appreciate, so we celebrated the finality of those grueling four weeks by pitting them against one another in a competition. So naturally, we got together in our board room and judged them by laughing at and critiquing their submissions.

So, we present you the awards for 2013 Movember at ZGM…


Andrew McFallon, Partner and Media Director – Best Throwback



Daniel Hindmarsh, Account Executive – Most Saucy



Luke Devlin, Writer – Most Ballin’
*see rap below



Mario Amantea, Partner and General Manager – Most Likely to Rescue a Princess



Mark Jooste,  Senior Designer – Most Oscar-worthy

Mark YEG


Michael Donovan, Managing and Creative Director – Best Morning Glory Stache

Michael YEG


Mike Fox, Accountant – Most Artsy-Fartsy

Mike Fox


Mike Baldock, Business Development – Most Likely to be a Gigolo

Mike YEG


Rob Fairhead, Partner and Director of Client Services – Fan Fave

Rob Fairhead2


Scott Irwin, Art Director – Most Likely to be Stood Up (Aww)

Scott YYC


Dan King, President and Executive Creative Director – #WTF

Dan King


Peter Bishop, Partner and Creative Director – WINNER! 



It was the first ZGM Movember for our Edmonton office, and they did not disappoint. These men took ‘selfies’ to a whole new level, and in turn we will never look at them the same…ever again.

In total, ZGM raised more than $1,000 for Prostate Cancer Canada. Way to go guys!

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