ZGM Runners take on the Banff Ekiden

ZGM Runners take on the Banff Ekiden

On October 19, 2013 ZGM runners teamed up to tackle the Banff Ekiden – a five-person relay through the streets of Banff. The weather was brisk and the hills were daunting, but that didn’t damper the spirits of our three teams and enthusiastic cheerleaders!

zgm run4   a3

This was also the first event where both of ZGM’s offices came together to participate. Nothing says ‘team building’ quite like shared pain (followed by a couple rounds of cold beer, of course).

zgm run2   zgm run3

A special shout out to to Shi (aka Scoots) who was unable to run last minute (for obvious reasons), but still came out to cheer everyone on!

ZGM run1

Well done team. Start your hill training for next year.

Want to see more photos from this event? Check out our Facebook page!


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