ZGM Bike Team 2013

ZGM Bike Team 2013

IMG_0964Remember the days when your friend would show up at your front door, bike in hand, and you would beg your mom to let you go for a bike ride? That’s what happened at ZGM this year – on a much larger scale. Bigger bikes, older friends, longer rides and much more begging (usually to our spouses).

For the past few years a few of us have been spending a bit of time on our road bikes. From commuting to work to participating in the odd event, the interest grew to a point where we had enough people to make a team. So we did. And at ZGM there’s no halfway.

Sponsor lists, uniforms, flags, caps, training rides, fees, schedules and registrations consumed a lot of our spare time this year as we turned the simple joy of biking into a monster account that required meetings, excel sheets and emails to fly around the office. Luckily bringing brands to life is what we do, even on spandex, so this was the best of both worlds coming together.

This year we hit up three events. Here are the highlights:

Granfondo Nanton


The crew:

  • Peter Bishop (me)
  • Andrew McFallon
  • Mike Pardy
  • Esko Parry
  • James Sprenger

This was the first event and it had a few things going for it. 1) it was close by, 2) it was short (60km) and 3) it was short.

Best part – Mike Pardy wins a brand new road bike as we show up. No one needed it more as he’d borrowed a bike to use for the ride.

Worst part – going towards chain lakes was all pretty much uphill. The upside to that was coming back we were able to top 75km/hr at one point.


Granfondo Banff


The crew:

  • Rob Fairhead
  • Todd Fairhead
  • Peter Bishop
  • Andrew McFallon
  • James Sprenger

This was the longest ride I’d ever done (145km) so it was hard going but the scenery was spectacular. It starts with a loop around banff then out to Lake Louise and back.

Best part – Todd Fairhead (aka super star) pulled our team the entire way. For him this was a walk in the park. I’m not even sure he was pedalling.

Worst part – The hour long line-up for a mediocre burger. At the end of the race, all we wanted was a cold beer and a burger, but the line up was so long that many people were running (hobbling) to McDonalds instead. They have to fix that for next year.



Granfondo Kootenays


The crew:

  • Rob Fairhead
  • Mario Amantea
  • Andrew McFallon
  • Peter Bishop

This was easily my favourite event of the year. Starting and ending in the city of Cranbrook, we took off into the mist with 250 other riders. Luckily the rain stopped just for the race and the temperature was perfect. The town came out and did it up right finishing with a home cooked meal at St. Eugene – roast beef sandwiches and baked potatoes. And beer.

Best part – Chatting with the locals every chance we got. Everyone was so friendly and so happy to be hosting the race.

Worst part – Didn’t have one. We’ll be back next year.



It was a great year, and for me the training rides will be missed the most. It’s with a heavy heart that I put away my butt cream and spandex unitard, but I know next year will be bigger and more painful than ever!

Thank you


Thanks to our sponsors (Western Financial Group, FortisAlberta, Jayman, Fountain Tire and Market Mall) – without them we couldn’t have stuffed ourselves into our new uniforms. Our clients are awesome so it was great to show them off.


For those of you who can’t get enough of Middle Aged Men in Lycra ( MAMILS) the rest of the photos are up on our sadly neglected Flickr page here.

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