Alberta Rises: Heroes of the 2013 Floods

Alberta Rises: Heroes of the 2013 Floods

The recent flooding in Southern Alberta has impacted many people, including some of our very own ZGMers. While the devastation is horrible, we have been moved by the overwhelming support and stories shared on social media. To give some of these flood heroes a well-deserved shout-out, we’ve developed a series of images featuring photos and posts from real people.







If you have a story you want us to share, email us at, tweet us @zgm_marketing or post it to our Facebook page.

Want to get involved and help flood victims? Here are five ideas:

1) Donate money. You can do this through The Calgary Foundation. 100% of donations go towards flood victims, there are NO admin fees.

2) Volunteer. Check Samaritan’Purse, Volunteer Calgary, or YYCHelps for specific opportunities in Calgary and surrounding areas.

3) Help areas outside of Calgary. High River is asking people to adopt a family on their Facebook page. You can also get involved with the Siksika Nation, or provide assistance and clean up in the Bow Valley/Kananaskis Region.

4) Help animals. Donate, adopt or become a foster parent to animals in need through the Calgary Humane Society, the Alberta SPCA, or the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society.

5) Help your neighbours. Many flood victims are overwhelmed and might not know where to start. Here are a few ideas:

  • Provide food and water to volunteers and victims.
  • Bring cleaning supplies like gloves, sponges and chlorine bleach.
  • Show up with shovels, mops and rubber boots and start cleaning.
  • If you have a truck, bring it to communities in need.
  • Do laundry for your friends and neighbours who have no power.

6) Restore Memories. If you are a photographer you can contribute to this great initiative. “You often hear in the aftermath of natural disasters people talk about the images they have lost. Tangible moments on paper – images on hard drives gone forever. So we want to offer our photography. We want to offer a session to a family who has lost those happier memories – give them new memories. New tangible moments.” Gabe McClintock, YYC Photographer


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