ZGM captures Best of Show at the Ad Rodeo

ZGM captures Best of Show at the Ad Rodeo

The theme of this year’s Ad Rodeo was “High School Prep”.

So to continue that theme to this blog post – at this year’s Ad Rodeo, we ruled the school!!

Best of Show goes to…ZGM!

In total, we won four Anvils including Best Magazine Single for Brix and Morsel, Best Website over $75,000 for Alberta Health Services’ “The Big Burn”, Best Annual Report for the Distress Centre’s “Listen” and Best of Show for the Distress Centre’s Annual Report.

Let’s be upfront – winning Best of Show against so many strong pieces is a real honour. We’re grateful for the recognition and the opportunity to work with the kind of clients who support us and the work we do.

As an integrated agency, we don’t want to simply offer a list of services, we want to be best in class in everything we do. Winning these awards in categories that represent advertising, digital and design bears that out.

The Best of Show annual report was an innovative solution to the traditional annual report. Knowing that the Distress Centre exists to its clients primarily through the phone, ZGM created an annual report that was delivered through the phone. A post-card inviting readers to call a unique phone number, set up exclusively for this purpose, was sent out instead of the traditional annual. When listeners called the number a series of voice prompts guided them through the entire contents of the report, including financials. Listeners could also review the messages and transcripts online.

You can check out the case study that highlights this annual report here: http://www.adrodeo.com/winners/

The Best Website Anvil was for www.thebigburn.ca, a program to warn teenagers about the dangers of indoor tanning. This site was also recognized in Applied Arts Digital Annual. This Anvil represented the third year in a row ZGM has won in the Website category. Previous wins included Cadillac Fairview’s Market Mall Santa Tracker and W. Brett Wilson’s personal site.

The Best Magazine Single was for Brix and Morsel, a local restaurant currently under construction. The ad was developed to announce the concept and raise awareness of the new brand to Calgary foodies. The ad was also recognized in the 2013 Communication Arts advertising annual.

As is always the case, we entered a lot of work that we thought stood a really good chance of getting some recognition, but for whatever reason it didn’t connect with the judges. It doesn’t mean we’re any less proud of all the work we did on behalf of our clients over this past year. But as these are the pieces that resonated with the judges, these are the awards we’re celebrating.

And celebrate we did – Friday night was a blast and ZGM did itself proud. If there was an Anvil given out for loudest agency, we would have bagged it for sure. As Peter Bishop pointed out, ZGM once again owned the dance floor. Some seriously sweet moves on display.

So a big shout out to all our clients for another outstanding year of work we can both be proud of. And to everyone on the ZGM team – Class Dismissed!

Now, who’s smoking in the boys room?


  1. Al Wiggan

    Hey Dan ~ Just stumbled on this! Congratulations on the wins and especially the Best of Show. Great idea and great client. Looks like things are going well for ZGM – well done! Don’t you just love the numbers part 😉

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