2012 ZGM Movember Awards

2012 ZGM Movember Awards

As our “favourite” time of year came once again (aka Movember), the menfolk of ZGM attempted to grow sported their best staches to support this worthy cause.

To reward their valiant efforts, the ladies of ZGM voted on each handsome moustache and presented the fellas with their very own bronzed razor (which they promptly used on November 30 at 11:59:59pm).


Without further ado, the 2012 ZGM Movember Awards go to:


1. Andrew McFallon – Most Surprised to Have a Moustache


2. Christopher Heatherington – The Late Bloomer Moustache


3. Dan King – Best Moustache Mug Shot


4. Luke Devlin – Most Dangerous Moustache

5. Mike Pardy – Best Biker Moustache


6. Rob Fairhead – Most Disturbing Moustache


7. Scott Irwin – Best Creeper Moustache


8. Mario Amantea – Best Fortune 500 Moustache


9. Rob Harlow – Best Effort for a Moustache


10. And the LADIES’ PICK for 2012 goes to… PETER BISHOP!


A big congrats to all of the guys who participated; raising over $1,600 for Prostate Cancer Canada. We, uh… are anxiously counting down the days until next year!


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