3 Quick Tips to Increase Facebook Engagement

3 Quick Tips to Increase Facebook Engagement

Be attractive. 

Reached 1,000 followers? Post a celebratory photo! Announcing a new product? Create a fun video! According to Facebook, photos and videos generate 180% to 100% more engagement than text posts alone. Leveraging a tool like Instagram, or posting videos from YouTube also help your content reach more people, across more channels.

Be sure to keep it interesting. Think of what you share or like to see online. Utilize trends, like generating your own meme, to add humour to your post. Use fun and unique visuals to back up your message. For a great example, check out Oreo’s Facebook page.


It’s not all about you. 

Look at your wall. Are all of your posts about your sales or promotions? Do you ignore your follower comments and what other pages are doing? If you answered “yes” then you need to give your head a shake. Social media is just that – a social platform. Ask your fans what they want to see, answer their questions, and comment or share great content from other pages.

L’Oreal USA does a great job of linking to partners and celebrities in their posts, and asking followers what they think.


Make your fans feel special. 

Exclusive behind-the-scenes photos, follower-only discounts and contests, and sneak peak announcements are a few ways to reward your followers. Remember, most people ‘like’ a brand’s Facebook page for special offers, so it’s important to offer value to your fans, in addition to providing customer service and great content.

For example, check out the VIP Contest we created with Market Mall. If you ‘like’ their page and sign up for the e-newsletter, you’re automatically entered to win a great new prize, each month.


Have tips or experiences of your own? Share them below!


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