The ZGM Stampede-Zone

The ZGM Stampede-Zone

In Calgary tradition, the whole ZGM crew pulled out their best western shirts, dusted off their worn cowboy hats and tolerated their boots one more year as the team marked the 2012 Stampede on their calendars!

We drove in style to the annual Pattison party where we all enjoyed super hot sunshine, delicious BBQ eats, ice cold drinks and great live music!
The bus ride back into the city was filled with lots of laughs, crazy music trivia and excitement for part 2 of our Stampede filled day.

We all had front door, no line, no cover entrance to the famous Wild Horse Salon and what a great night we had… and for two lucky ZGM girls Garth Brooks tickets were awarded to them for being such die-hard fans… tears, screams and photos were shared and their party continued into the wee hours of Friday morning as they celebrated this once in a life time opportunity!!

ZGM STAMPEDE-ZONE was a success, as it was a very quiet Thursday morning as we all trickled in with sore feet, soft voices and dark circles – and we are excited to know it’s a long 360 days until the next stampede party!!

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