Achievements have arrived at ZGM

Achievements have arrived at ZGM

Are you the best coffee maker in the office? Do you always show up early to work? Are your time-sheets so accurate you can cut yourself on them? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are one of the many unsung heroes that usually go unrecognized.

Not anymore.

Here at ZGM, we’ve unraveled achievements as a way to show our appreciation to the staff member who consistently shampoos their hair to a glossy shine, who sends the most tweets about what they had for breakfast and who wears a smile on their face while working Saturdays. Some are automatically awarded like best bowler after staff events or years of service while others are more subjective like best smile etc.

Every month we release a few badges that are created by our social committee and then voted on via an online poll. That person is awarded their badge in a ceremony every Thursday that usually consists of beer and nachos where it’s proudly displayed on their profile page up on our site in a glorious 20 pixel high icon.

It’s an insight into what makes us unique and a way to say thank you for going the extra mile. So gratz to everyone who’ve already earned them so far! Come take a look at





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