ZGM Gets Schooled

ZGM Gets Schooled

For Advertising Week 2012, the Calgary Ad Rodeo Association engaged four local schools—ACAD, SAIT, Mount Royal University and University of Calgary—to arrange student tours at Calgary advertising agencies on Tuesday, January 24th. The response was overwhelming, with over 160 students in attendance across seven different agencies, school was in.

Here at ZGM, we were humbled and excited to host 30 hungry young minds interested in the wonderful world of advertising. We took them through a little about us, our culture and the work we do—and tried our best not to scare them.

We introduced all of scholarly friends to our media, advertising and digital departments and walked them through the entire life cycle of a campaign from initial brief to final execution.

Big thanks to all of the students who decided to take time away from their busy schedules and campus bar to come and talk advertising with us. You guys were great!

If we managed to whet your appetite for advertising (fingers crossed), here’s some links to keep you inspired and get you through those long nights in the library:








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