ZGM Spreads Holiday Cheer

ZGM Spreads Holiday Cheer

On December 23rd, 2011 it was the beginning of new beginnings for Rose and her family thanks to everyone at ZGM!

Our team had collected an overwhelming amount of a variety of items including: new & used clothes, kitchen equipment, books, food and toys which turned out to fill 3 cars (one giant SUV) with 6 passengers! We were very excited to knock on Rose’s family door with handfuls of presents and to share in her joy and amazement as we began to assemble their new family Christmas tree. She welcomed us with a warm hug, hot tea, smiling faces and her happy 3 year old boy. The amount of things we were able to donate was, when put into their apartment, quite overwhelming and it wasn’t long until Rose was in tears and cherishing our company.

Rose is a beautiful, vibrant and loving 26 year old woman from Afghanistan who moved to Canada 10 years ago with her husband and since then, she has been blessed with three beautiful boys under the age of 4. They all have had an unfortunate year struggling to find a stable full time job to afford a home in a safe neighborhood and to raise a young family. With potentially life threatening and high maintenance health conditions with each family member, regular hospital visits continue to be a major factor in hindering the employment opportunities available for Rose and her husband.

ZGM loved spending time with Rose so much that we have decided to “sponsor” the family for the duration of 2012. We will cherish their healthy days, celebrate their birthday’s, babysit for anniversary dinners and help out financially whenever and wherever we can. Look forward to progress updates and other amazing opportunities ZGM gives this incredibly deserving family in the coming year!






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