The Making of an Agency Christmas Card: SurpriseBrows

The Making of an Agency Christmas Card: SurpriseBrows

Every October, agencies around the world brief in a timeless Christmas tradition — the agency Christmas card. And every December 15th, agencies around the world start working on it…except this year.

This year, we started early and did it right…or as right as we know how. So, what goes into a ZGM Christmas card?

Answer: As much as possible.

Web developers, video editors, account managers, actors, art directors, designers, creative directors and writers all joined forces — as they are prone to do — to create a fully collaborative Christmas extravaganza.

The result: SurpriseBrowsTM — the latest innovation in artificial surprise technology.

See below for the infomercial, product and some behind the scenes action or visit for the full experience. Don’t worry, we left the Director’s Commentary on the editing room floor. Enjoy!



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