Hellllllllllo Gentlemen

Hellllllllllo Gentlemen


The GentlemenIt’s ironic that before a man can look dignified, they must go through a creepy awkward stage. With that said, I’m proud to present the men, no, gentlemen of ZGM. There’s been a lot of strange looks, uncomfortable glances and pity laughs, but now that it’s been 15 days I’m sure we can all agree: they’re comin’ in hot and you’d be crazy not to support one of these fine gentlemen in a quest for a cure. Just think ladies, the sooner they find a cure, the sooner we can stop pretending to be sick for the month of November to avoid scratchy kisses and dating super creepy guys. Support these guys and everyone wins.

Their team name is Dunk In Public, and with only 15 days to go, it can only get less creepy. Or should I say, more handsome.



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