Lest We Forget – this may help

Lest We Forget – this may help

Today is remembrance day and there’s a good chance you might find yourself standing in front of a statue or monument at some point today. Ever wish you knew more about the individual wearing the uniform?

Thanks to the efforts of the Calgary Military Museums Society (CMMS), you will start to see QR (Quick Response Code)  codes crop up on historical monuments all over the city. The QR Code project was initiated by CMMS in the spring of 2011 with the support of the Calgary Poppy Fund. QR codes are little bar codes that allow smart phones to scan them and bring you to a website right on your phone. Considering that a growing number of people now carry smart phones, what better way to bring the experience to the user?

We were commissioned to help bridge the gap between the videos that were being produced by the brilliant minds at White Iron and the mobile user. By creating a unique experience for the mobile crowd you can now scan the code and be a part of the incredible stories that are buried in our culture. So the next time you find yourself standing at a monument wondering what this particular hero went through, look around for the QR code and give it a scan. What better way to honor the incredible sacrifice these amazing Canadians made than to watch it unfold in front of you?

The Calgary Soldiers’ Memorial will be the first in Calgary to display a QR Code on its acknowledgment plaque with the hopes of many more to come. Come visit the site to see the videos as they come in at www.canadianvalour.ca.


Not sure how to scan one or if your phone can do it? Read one of our older posts from Heleena Webber that steps you through the process here.

the individual wearing the uniform

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