Get ready for Facebook Timeline

Get ready for Facebook Timeline

Another new Facebook profile design?!

For those of you that don’t know, Facebook is rolling out yet another change to your profile design and functionality… any day now. It’s called Timeline. If you are like the millions of Facebook users that freak out over the ongoing profile overhauls get over it and read on about why it’s not that bad.

Okay, so what makes Timeline great?

I’ve been on Timeline for just over a week (you could get it early by following these steps on Mashable) and have really grown to like it. Here are the top 5  features that have me sold (but there are many more to check out!):

1)    Cover Photos – In addition to your (now-smaller) profile image, you now have a large, horizontal cover image. For aesthetics and creativity, this simply rocks.


2)    Easier Navigation & Smarter Sorting – Now you can easily skip to points in time where you can see your posts, what you pages liked, who you became friends and whatever else you did on Facebook during that time period by selecting the year and month from the “timeline” on the side. You’ll notice that the timeline starts from “born” which leads me to…


3)    Backdating – You can now document your WHOLE like on Facebook, from birth. Add the darling photo of you in an incubator or share how swank you looked at your high school prom. Your whole life can be viewed in one place – like an interactive online scrapbook.


4)    Featured Posts – Highlight your happiest or proudest moments to take up more real estate on your page. On the flip side, you can also “hide” those less-than-stellar shots of you in a drunken state, or those late night rants when you first joined Facebook and didn’t know about proper privacy settings.


5) Milestones – Mark and organize those special life moments with Work & Education, Family & Relationships, Living, Health & Wellness, or Milestones & Experiences.


Let’s face it – Facebook, just like every other technology, is going to continually evolve. I’m sure in a couple years Facebook will roll out more massive changes – it’s just how you stay ahead in the game. So get used to it and give it a try. After a week or two, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

For more information about Facebook Timeline and the features it offers, you can learn more here on their Timeline overview.



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