Alternative inspiration

Alternative inspiration

I won’t divulge my secret sources of inspiration that tend to ignite a sense of creative direction for me. What I can offer is an alternative that may or may not help. Create or modify something physical which you can call your own and try to draw inspiration from that instead.

I’ll even go as far as giving you an example but the rest is up to your imagination. While exploring the coast of California on a recent escape from reality, I passed through Redwood Forest. The sight of 1,800 year old trees, the abundance of natural life forms, and the bits of fog peering through the tree tops was majestic. The ground was musky and littered with humongous pine cones. I picked one up and to my amazement it felt heavy and sturdy, like it had been jointed together piece by piece with gifted precision.

This is it:

The plan’s to take it and cut the base so it’s able to sit flat on a surface with a small forward leaning incline. I’m hoping to clean it up a bit so it loses all its imperfections (bring on the Swiss Army knife). Finally, I’ll be looking to put a dark stain on it and voila! When it’s all set and done, this will keep me occupied at my desk while Photoshop tries hard not to choke on my large files. With its naturally organic outlook sprinkled with its complexities and patterns, it’ll have me relating it to my creative work for quite some time. To a creative, the challenge now is to find the time and get started. I’ve stumbled across my alternative inspiration for the time being. What’s yours?

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