Sorting your friends with Facebook Lists

Sorting your friends with Facebook Lists

What is a List?

Facebook Lists are like Facebook’s answer to Google Circles. You can organize your friends and pages into groupings (Lists), so you can post content for just one specific List to see, or exclude select Lists from seeing particular posts. You can also choose to view a news feed for people within your Lists, so you can see updates from just your family, co-workers, or from whatever other Lists you create. There are already Smart Lists automatically created for you with a few friends sorted – using your location, education, workplaces, etc.


How can I create Lists?

1. Go to “Home”.

2. Select “Lists” from the left-column and click on “More”.

3. Here, you can either edit your Smart Lists, or click on “Create a List” to make a new one.

4. Click on “Manage List” in the top-right corner, and select “Add/Remove Friends”.

5. Here, you can select (or deselect) the friends that will appear on that list.

6. You can also group Pages into Lists by selected “Pages” in the top left (good for marketers).

7. Click “Done” and you’re set!


How do I use Lists?

On a post – you can select one specific List to post to, or go to your “Custom Settings” to exclude certain Lists (or people).

For viewing – in the left-column of the Home Page, simply click on the List you want to see. The window will now only display updates and posts from friends or pages within that List. You also have several options to post things specifically for that list – like status updates, photos or ask questions.

For more information about Facebook Lists, you can find some great information here on their Help Center. Happy sorting!




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