Think outside the bounding box

Think outside the bounding box

“We want to stand out.”

“We want something original.”

“We want an idea outside the box.”

“We want lots of WOW factor.”

“We want something that says what we do, without saying what we do.”

“We want what no one else has done.”

“We want to show our customers we care.”

“And I want it to be brilliant.”

Sounds impossible, right? Well, not really. A mixed form of muli-media platforms can usually solve this type of wish list perfectly. It’s called non-traditional advertising and it’s a highly effective, financially rewarding mix of advertising strategies that represent a tricky, fine line between genius and tacky, smart yet easy, shocking yet subtle, attainable yet impossible, interactive yet perceptive, all while being simple AND impactful. Non-traditional advertising is my favourite medium because the applications have so many limitations and design challenges – space, cost, audience, participation, interaction and environment yet the ideas themselves have none at all and the options are ultimately endless.

When a non-traditional advertising idea is executed brilliantly, the message no longer seems distorted and paid for but a natural piece of environment allowing social association to the company to be subliminal and in turn become a long term investment into the product. By taking an everyday item or action, somehow strategically molding it into the company’s brand and message, targeting a specific product or scenario – it is incredible what the resuts can be.

Ads of the World (, a highly recognized and competitive advertising website, showcases some of the most ingenious advertisements from all around the world in every medium and specifically a terrific group of non-traditional advertising examples. There are multiple times when you have to stop and think to yourself “wow, why didn’t I think of that?”

I love that feeling when I come across an advertising idea that in theory seems so simple and easy but you know it must have been anything but.

Hope you enjoy my most memorable and favourite set of award winning non-traditional advertisements that I promise will continue to inspire you to break boundaries, set new limits, think outside the box and enable you to create successful campaigns for years to come!

1. Tetley Tea – Break Your Routine
A sharp idea executed with brilliant humour, style and ease. The shoppers are unaware that this is part of an advertising campaign at all – Tetley Tea has completely immersed into the audiences world and gives life to altering the slightest parts of your routine for more fun!
Ads of the world – Tetley infusions break your routine

2. Fishermans Friend – Bank of Friendship
This campaign was an innovative and creative approach to Fishermans Friend brand message “never be without a friend”. The campaign was able to highlight the importance of connecting with others and how essential friends are in your life – and in turn, the significance of never being without a Fishermans Friend!
Fishermans Friend – Bank of Friendship

3. Toyota – A Glass of Water
I love the success and complexity of this campaign. The message was simple: use less energy and gas and be better drivers. The execution was simple: drive without spilling a glass of water. This campaign touched almost every advertising medium and allowed the glass of water to represent more than just water, but a promise from Toyota that with their tools you’re in good hands and you won’t spill a drop.
Toyota – A Glass of Water

4. The Deli Garage – Cheese Pencil
A combination of knowledge, tactic and fun enable this direct mail piece to create a unique and memorable user experience – that is sure to be talked about again and again with each recipe and at each meal!
The Deli Garage – Cheese Pencil

5. ArtCenter Printing – La Pizza
From concept to execution, it is evident this campaign was strategically tested, designed and implemented as it surely seemed to be a flawless message from start to finish. It stood out, it was original, it had lots of wow factor and said what they did without saying what they did. I loved this idea!
ArtCenter Printing – La Pizza

6. All Good Bananas: Listen to your Conscience
As technology evolves so does the user experience. This campaign is evidence that it is worth it to create a fantastic user experience full of personalized pieces, social media interaction and targeted messaging. It is just as important to know your message, brand and consumer as it is the technology that allows campaigns to elevate consumer response rate and thoughts. The financial results of this campaign are proof that listening and talking to your clients individually provide the greatest results.
All Good Bananas: Listen to your Conscience

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