Email invites don't have to be boring

Email invites don't have to be boring

Email invites tend to fall in line with banner ads, sign up pages, splash sites and logins for creative fodder. At ZGM we make hay where we can so, in a shameless self-promotion blog (and because I am running out of ideas), here is a list of favorites I had from the last few years…


FirstRowdy Annual Stampede Party

FirstEnergy wanted to highlight a unique extraction method this year in their invite – fracking. Not the Battlestar Galactica version mind you – the oil and gas one. Not exactly party material but I liked where we netted out.

Take a look


Blake’s Annual Stampede Party

A joint effort with E=MC2, Blake’s annual stampede party always gives us the opportunity to flex our photoshop muscles finding new ways to combine country and rock. “Mohawk horse” was my favorite – a close second would have been "pierced udder".


Morrison Homes 50th Anniversary Party

Working with E=MC2, this was going to be a slide show. Not sure what happened but I blame the air quality here.

Have a look


Stikeman Elliot Stampede Party

This was also a project we worked with along side E=MC2. The invite was send along with a pair of 3D glasses wich explains why this looks so blurry…

Check it out here


Scott Land & Lease Stampede Party

Early each year Scott Land & Lease puts on a great stampede party and challenges us to make the emailer live up to the event. This year we made an interactive slot machine.

Check it out here


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