Simplifying Social Media Management

Simplifying Social Media Management

Some days, social media can feel like a fulltime job.

Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. Flickr. Post a promotion on this day. Post an event on that day. Track who’s responding to what, revise and repeat. Planning, managing and reporting on social efforts can be quite the job the more social your company gets!

But did you know that there are a multitude of social media management tools that allow you to easily publish and track your social endeavors and campaigns?

So, how will a management tool save me from my growing workload?!

Different tools offer different features. Key benefits may include some, or all of, the following:

  • Manage multiple platforms. With a management tool you can upload and publish all of your social media content in one place, saving time and resources.
  • Easy post scheduling. Imagine entering the posts you do know for an entire month, leaving them to publish at the most effective times, whether you are glued to Facebook or not.
  • Approval paths and workflow. Want a second opinion from your agency or management team? Management tools make it easy for people to collaborate with flags, actions and emails so everyone that needs to know, is in the know.
  • Monitor your brand and others. Scanning the web and social sites will help you flag, respond to, and analyze web content. This is also useful if you post on topics within your industry – from financial news to fashion trends.
  • Detailed analytics. As marketers, we all love our numbers. Measure you reach, effectiveness of your links and content, growth, conversion back to your website and more.

Wow! That sure sounds great. What next?

Depending on the depth of your social diving, there are a number of social media management tools you can choose from.

First, you need to listen to what’s being said about your company, competitors and industry. Google Alerts allows you to monitor keyword searches (for free) and sends flagged content to your email or, even better, to your Google Reader.

Once you’re set-up, you can begin planning and posting content! HootSuite or TweetDeck are fantastic free programs that offers features such as multiple account management, easy post scheduling, and link shortening. Plus, for a small monthly fee, you can upgrade to more features.

If you want to drive the Cadillac of social media management systems, tools such as Spredfast or Argyle offer all of the key benefits listed above. For a reasonable monthly fee, they monitor, schedule, track, and provide extensive analytics to continually evolve your social strategy.

Managing social media is no easy task. It requires keeping on top of technology and being open to adaptation. But, with the help of a management tool, your day-to-day workload can be simplified, leaving you more time to learn… or work on that project you’ve been putting off.


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