What's the big idea?

What's the big idea?

I had the chance to ask my friends where they would start from if they had to conjure up a big idea which would be global in its application/execution. The responses varied from being in a comfortable surrounding, to researching, to using one’s own self-interests as a foundation, to using daily life as an inspiration, etc.

If we consider Facebook or Twitter to be great big ideas, we can agree for example that these social networking platforms have given people a gateway to connect and be informed instantly on world affairs/current events. An example could be the raid on Osama Bin Laden’s compound. The way I found out about Bin Laden’s death was through Twitter and not a news agency like CNN. This vast sharing of information wouldn’t have occurred if not for these social networking platforms and their ability to unite the masses globally. In doing so, Facebook and Twitter have solved a problem.

Could the answer be that simple? If we could identify a need or a gigantic problem facing our society, then a solution to that problem could ultimately be the biggest idea right? That’s good news! There are lots of problems in the world today (unfortunately). These problems should serve as a challenge and motivate us to find the appropriate solutions. These would be our big ideas. The capital needed to invest in such ideas of course is another story.

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