Boxes and Buttons

Boxes and Buttons

So you set up a Facebook Page.

You see it on almost every website. Follow us on Twitter! Like us on Facebook! It’s quickly becoming the norm as more and more brands engage in social media. And as promoting these pages becomes the industry standard, brands have to be on the look out for new tools and widgets to keep up, and ahead, of competitors.

This post is to provide a couple small tips brands can use to make their websites even more social and give visitors even more options to connect.

Adding the Facebook Like Box.

If you have a Facebook Page, there’s a good chance that you are linking to it from your website. By adding Facebook’s logo and a link, it’s a great way to get your website visitors to check out your Facebook page.

But you can take it a step further by adding Facebook’s Like Box. You can see this on popular social media site, Mashable.


This tool allows your website visitors to see which of their friends already like your page, and automatically “like” it without having to leave your site.

Is this to say you should abandon your original logo and link? Not at all. It’s a good idea to keep that option in case someone wants to check out your page before making the commitment to “like” it. Adding the Like Box is just another layer to promote your Page – especially if it can show that a lot of people already like it!

Adding Twitter’s new Follow Button, and maybe even a feed.

In response to Facebook’s “like” functions, Twitter recently announced the introduction of a “follow” button that would allow a user to automatically follow a Twitter account by simply clicking the button. You can even take this a step further on your website by importing your recent tweets. This is a great way to give visitors a taste of what they’re signing up for.

A good example of this (and integrating social media in general) can be found on this interactive website for Sky, a fishing guide service out of Oregon.


Like Facebook’s Like Box, it’s good to give visitors the choice to check out your Twitter page before making the leap, so keeping the traditional logo and link is a good idea. It’s all about providing choices.

Just remember…

Anytime you promote your Facebook and Twitter pages, you have to ensure they are in tip-top shape so visitors aren’t disappointed. Frequent posts that offer value are a must, and content should be engaging and reflect your brand’s online personality.

Thanks to Detrans on DeviantArt for creating the cool Twitter picture I used as the main image for this post.


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