Japan will Prevail

Japan will Prevail

I try and keep my Photoshop skills polished after the 9 to 5. It’s hard to find the time for it, but once I manage to envision a concept and direction, I just go for it. The devastation in Japan as a result of the tsunami’s been enormous. As a tribute, I thought I’d create this piece, sell it as a print and donate 50% of the proceeds to the relief effort currently underway in the region through Red Cross.

For me personally, I like to see the process behind the work so I thought I’d share a few screenshots of the progress before the final result. Be sure to pick up the print over at: umert.deviantart.com. Grab yourself a wallpaper on Smashing Magazine.

Prevail 1

Prevail 2

Prevail 3

Prevail 4

Prevail 5

Prevail 6

Prevail 7

Prevail 8

Prevail 9

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