Fancy a cup of tea, would you?

Fancy a cup of tea, would you?

The weather forecast in Calgary calls for nothing but grey skies and rain all week which makes it the perfect time to cozy up under a blanket, a good book and a warm cup of tea. Here are some fun and whimsical packages I’ve come across for your viewing pleasure.

1. Tea boxes by Grain Creative – a selection of tea from T2 with four individual tea boxes personified to reflect the names of popular flavours of tea: Gorgeous Geisha, English Breakfast, Chai and French Earl Grey.


2. L’ Donatelle by Adrian Gilling – A clean and sophisticated concept for a line of family-owned premium teas.


3. Marks & Spencer tea by Stuart Kolakovik – A series of artworks commissioned by Marks and Spencer for a new range of “Naturally Caffeine Free Tea” boxes with a fun retro poster look.

4. Mount tea by Elroy Klee – Graphic shapes channeling Kandinsky wrapped around a pyramid shape box that echoes the shape of the tea bag inside.

5. BYOT by Santuary T – Drink tea when you want it and where you want it. Packaged in a custom designed pouch that slides into a purse or a back pocket, BYOT offers an easy way to enjoy loose leaf tea throughout the day. Each BYOT package includes ten servings of tea as well as biodegradable pouches that conveniently steep into a perfect cup.

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