ZGM Puts on Weight at the Anvil Awards

ZGM Puts on Weight at the Anvil Awards

No, I’m not talking about those lunch time trips to Thai Express. I’m talking about Anvils. Two of them.

On Friday, April 15th, we followed the trail of skinny ties and thick rimmed glasses to the Anvil awards. Though the discerning eye of this year’s judges put the hard in hardware (drum roll, cymbal splash, eye roll), we were honoured to walkaway with a matching set of sparklers.

We received an Anvil in the Promotional Website category for the Market Mall Santa Tracker website.

Anvil number two came for Best Use of Illustration for our Market Mall Avant Garden Posters featuring the artwork of Stina Persson.

ZGM also received merits in the Direct Marketing category for our 3-D Stikeman Elliott Stampede invite and Poster Design Series for the Market Mall Avant Garden Posters.

Congrats to all the winners!

P.S. If you found a camera at the Anvils with a bunch of pictures of crazy people dancing, that may or may not be us. Let us know.


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