Earth Day Inspired Design

Earth Day Inspired Design

On April 22, we will be celebrating Earth Day 2011. A day dedicated to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment. To honour this occasion, here are a selection of eco-friendly designs.

1. Climate Change Chocolate: Bloomsberry & Co has released a 3-pack set of their Climate Change Chocolate in honor of Earth Day. 133 lbs of verified TerraPass carbon offsets come with each bar of chocolate.

2. “I am not a paper cup” by Decor Craft Inc – a double walled; thermal ceramic cup with silicone top. Both eco-friendly and reusable.

3. Packaging for Sennheiser CX 300 ear phones– made from cardboard and is 100% recyclable – no nasty plastic clam shell to clog up land fills.

4. 60 bags – biodegradable carrier bags made our of flax-viscose non-woven fabric. This highly innovative technology enables the bags to naturally decompose approximately 60 days after being discarded, which means they don’t require expensive recycling or disposal in landfills.

5. Nendo’s cabbage chairs – Made from rolls of waste paper, these contemporary pieces are peeled away to reveal functional sculptures. Created by a Tokyo based company, the chair could be shipped as one compact roll for the user to cut open and peel back at home. It has no internal structure. It is not finished, and it is assembled without nails or screws.

6. The Hangerpack – a sturdy, sustainable and resuesable way to send tshirts. As you open the package, you create a coat hanger. Made from recycled materials.

7. Candy Wrapper bags by Johnathon Marcoschamer Company – a collection of handbags made from repurposed candy wrappers, food packages, and soda labels. Winner of Green Dot Award – recognizing excellence in innovative environmental projects.

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