Objects for the typography obsesssed

Objects for the typography obsesssed

1. The Garvey Chair – cloaked in upholstery printed with the names of New York City subway stations and gently scuffed with an antique finish.

2. Tabisso lounge furniture – communicate through the arrangement of your chairs and lamps.

3. Chic and minimalist storage systems from Set26.

4. Ctrl-Alt-Del pillow set – reboot your living room with these eco-felt  pillows made of 100% recycled plastic bottles or the Cmd-Opt-Esc set for you Mac users.

5. Felt type coasters from ACD at the Supermarket

6. Lorem Ipsum cuff – A wide stainless steel bracelet, laser-etched with centuries-old lorem ipsum scribed in Grad font.

7. Uppercase scarf – Everyone’s favorite Swiss typeface has been transformed into this lacy and literate accessory.


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