{Deliciously Inspiring Designs – A feast for the eyes}

{Deliciously Inspiring Designs – A feast for the eyes}

It’s February and with Valentine’s coming up soon, I thought I’d indulge you in some visually indulgent images which combine two of my passions – food and design.

1. Helvetica Cookie Cutters – for those hardcore type lovers, there are these beautiful minimalist cookie cutters designed by Beverly Hsu.

2. Godiva Chocolate Concept Store, Tokyo – this flagship store, located in the heart of the Harajuku district of Tokyo, is the vision of the Japanese interior design firm, Wonderwall. The interior features “melting chocolate” walls and ceilings combined with sleek modern design. A chocolate lovers dream brought to reality.

3. Sweet Treats – A Typographical Cookbook – created by Woodward Design, it features a typographical feast of desserts that will satisfy the sweet tooth of graphic designers everywhere.

4. The Bombay Bakery Business Card – these biscuits are baked every 10 days and distributed around local cafes and delis to promote the bakery. Just make sure to jot down that phone number before you eat it.

5. Sydney International Food Festival Poster Series – A simple and clean graphic treatment utilizing ingredients and dishes originating from that country. Designed by WHYBIN/TBWA, Sydney, Australia.

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