7 Reasons We Gave Our Brand Liposuction.

7 Reasons We Gave Our Brand Liposuction.

It wasn’t that Zero Gravity was a terrible name. Or that our old logo would have been awesome in the 80’s. Or that there’s not a single person working here today that was working here when Zero Gravity opened its doors. Or that a number of clients thought we were only a digital agency. No, it wasn’t for one of those reasons why we rebranded – it was all of those reasons. And more.

So here’s a list of the top seven reasons we rebranded our agency.

  1. It’s not you, it’s me – we’ve changed. We’re not the same agency we were 10 years ago. Our business model is different, our entire staff is different, our service offering is different yet our name was stuck with old perceptions. Time for a change.
  2. Sorry, can you spell that? We had the world’s worst url for a communications company. Because there’s a plethora of Zero Gravity named companies, they weren’t able to get a decent url when the agency launched…zginc.ca. Once explained it made sense, but not really all that intuitive. ZGM.ca. Welcome to easy street.
  3. So you guys do websites? Yes. And no. We provide integrated costumer experiences that create and sustain emotional connections to brands. It’s why we called ourselves ZGM Collaborative Marketing. We’re so much more than websites. Although we are good at them – but only as part of the mix.
  4. Who needs a Red Bull? Part of rebranding is capitalizing on energy and momentum. Right now we’ve got momentum in a big way. We’ve got a smart, energized team. And that wasn’t reflected in a tired old brand.
  5. Space – the final frontier. Our space was as tired as our old brand. Rebranding gave us a great excuse to refresh our space. Which is exactly what we did. Check out this video to see that process.
  6. Socially speaking. Social media didn’t even exist when Zero Gravity was born. And its now part of our product offering. Again, this is not your parent’s Zero Gravity. Time for a change.
  7. You can so make your own nickname. Internally, we called ourselves ZGM for years. Zero Gravity Marketing is a mouthful. So why fight it? ZGM it is.

The process of building a brand doesn’t happen overnight. Nor does repositioning an existing brand. It requires long-term commitment and consistent delivery on your brand promise. But a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and our first step is now behind us. We’ve sucked the fat off the old brand and uncovered Ox from the movie Stripes – a lean, mean fighting machine.


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