6 Ways to Recover Your Inspiration in 2011

6 Ways to Recover Your Inspiration in 2011

January is my least favorite month. I drive to work in the dark – I drive home in the dark. My entire day is spent looking at my screen, tail lights in traffic or my TV. Needless to say, creativity can hit an all-time low. I thought it might be nice to put together a list of ways to get back on the horse or at least run along side it.

1. Get out of here.

Get out of the office at lunch or whenever to at least see the sun. If you’re like me the only time you really get outside is first think in the morning or after work – both of which its pitch black outside. It’s good for us all to get out and at least let the rays hit your skin.

2. Listen to better stuff.

I spend about 1.5 hours a day in a zombie state driving to work. Most of the time I am being hit from inane drivel pouring out of my radio. Hook up your ipod, download some cool stuff for a change – podcasts, books on tape whatever and start making the most of it. 1.5 hours a day is 45 8-hour work days in a year. Imagine how smart you would be if you spent that time learning rather than experiencing varying forms of road rage and despair.

3. Shoot things

You know that camera that never gets used because you ran out of batteries or filled up the memory card and are too lazy to change? Pull it out and start bringing it around. Then, when you’re going for your long walks at lunch listening to Beethoven or whatever you can capture some of the great things that you’re missing every day. Some of the best photos in the world can be attributed to “right time right place”. It’s like winning the lottery – if you don’t play you can’t win.

4. Draw

if you don’t own a sketchpad then go get one. Having a sketch pad around is a great way to feel like you are accomplishing things even when it’s just watching TV. I make it a point to have it in my lap whenever I’m on the couch. The trick is not to worry about someone else looking through it. It’s not your portfolio – consider it a sketch diary. Your eyes only.

5. Stop watching crap

It’s so easy to fall on the couch and watch endless sitcoms at night and why not? You deserve a break after working all day but it doesn’t have to be spent on 2 and a half men.  If you PVR then just watch the shows you recorded rather than using the TV for white noise. You will be amazed at how much time that will free up.

6. Move

Exercise is highly overrated but not doing anything at all can make you feel tired and lazy. Doing some sort of activity can get the blood flowing to your brain again as well as some other “health benefits”. I do some of my best thinking while running or at least I like to think so.

All this being said, I’ve done none of these and yes I am depressed. Still, it sounds like good advice so in the interest of at least practicing some of what I preach, I’ve tackled #4 and been drawing as much as I can. One of drawings I’ve made into a wallpaper to share with the 2 viewers who read this…

Download my New Years Wallpaper:

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