The Top 17 ZGM Christmas Card Concepts of 2010

The Top 17 ZGM Christmas Card Concepts of 2010

It’s that time of year again. Snow is falling, bells are ringing and agencies everywhere are working countless hours to deliver on a marketing challenge as timeless as Christmas itself: the season’s greetings card.

This year, fuelled by eggnog, mandarin oranges and looming deadlines, everyone at ZGM has wracked their brains to create some truly memorable Christmas cards for our clients. So, in the spirit of Christmas and blowing our own yuletide horn, here’s a list of the top 17 client Christmas cards we came up with this year!

In no particular order—

1. FirstEnergy Capital

A certain Hollywood director, who we won’t name out of fear of legal action and a sequel to Avatar, paid Alberta a visit and said ‘Bah Humbug’ to the energy industry. So, to bring a Christmas twist to this, FEC decided to have a little fun at his expense.

2. Canadian Association of Athletic Therapists

As we all know, Christmas time can be hard on the body. And we’re not just talking about turkey and chocolates. For Santa, it represents a monumental test of strength, endurance and flexibility—one that might require a little professional help to recover from. And, that was the inspiration for CATA’s custom Santa diagnostic sheet.

3. Jayman MasterBuilt

The new innovations in Jayman homes are almost too inviting. So, what happens when everyone’s favourite man in red pays a visit? Well, a pit-stop turns into a pit-stay, and brings us this Christmas series.

4. …okay, so it only felt like 17.

Merry Christmas! Be sure to check back in the New Year for more awesome—or slightly better than mediocre—posts.

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