ZGM Gets All Giddied-Up

ZGM Gets All Giddied-Up

This past Thursday, we grabbed our hats, boots, a couple beers and not enough suntan lotion and headed down to the Stampede rodeo to take in the best and boldest rodeo action this side of Texas. We spent the afternoon right next to the dirt in the standing room only section and enjoyed the all the defining qualities of the greatest outdoor show on earth—namely pocket dawgs, angry bulls and $7.25 Budweiser (maybe that’s why they were mad).

After we all achieved a nice salmon glow, we took shelter in the welcoming arms of Nashville North. There was dancing. There was drinking. And then, there was leaving. With the rodeo ridden, the leather slapped and our boots filled, it was time to ride into the sunset—after some deep fried mac and cheese, of course.

Check out the rest of the pics at http://www.flickr.com/photos/zgm_marketing!

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